There are benefits to living in the Valley of the Sun, but there are also some drawbacks, such as hot summers and cold winters. In this regard, attic insulation emerges as the unsung hero of your house, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the year. However, what amount of insulation is required for an attic in Phoenix? Mesa Insulation Pros want to put some light on this hot subject.

Designing Spaces Within

Shall we get down to brass tacks now? Climate Zone 2 is where Phoenix is located. For attics in this zone, the recommended R-values are as follows:

How Much Insulation Do I Need For My Attic
Types Of Insulation For Phoenix

Assessing the Insulation in Your Attic

It’s time to go exploring in the attic! Your attic’s current R-value is the thickness of your insulation. You should insulate your attic more if its temperature drops below the Zone 2 recommendation (wait what is Zone 2?) to combat the scorching desert heat and stay warm in winter.

Dealing with Extreme Heat

Your attic requires additional protection from the scorching summer sun in Phoenix. Insulation has double duty: it keeps you cool in the summer and warm on those occasional cold evenings.

Final Thoughts

Like shopping for the perfect garment, the goal in selecting the proper insulation for your Phoenix attic should be to maximize both comfort and practicality. Do not worry if your attic’s insulation does not meet the R-values specified for Zone 2. If you want your attic to be a place of year-round comfort and energy savings, experts are at your service.

Consulting our experts can be a lifesaver if you need help keeping your house cool during the day and comfortable on cold desert nights.